The Australian TeleCommunications Team is Australia’s fastest growing Australian owned and operated outsource Contact Centre.

We implemented innovative methods of communication, mixed with the warm feeling of speaking to an Australian representative and consistent training and coaching to ensure we are the best in the market.  Whilst we pride ourselves for remaining more cost effective then running your communication ‘in house’ we do not compete with offshore centres as the service levels are simply incomparable.

Whilst some End users are willing to communicate with offshore contact centres, they are instantly calmer and happier when speaking to a “local”/ Australian. Since 2009 we have since an increase in the level of outsourcing to offshore countries. In 2015-2016 we have seen many of those same companies reverting back to Australian contact centres. The effect of outsourcing offshore is not seen immediately as end users generally have contracts to stick by and/or all competitors have also outsourced offshore, however eventually respect for the business will be lost.

This business has been built on 3 firm pillars;

Confidence – Confidence for everyone that deals with ATCT that we will provide Honesty, diligence, integrity and most importantly strategic thinking.

On going training – We will ensure everyone is up to date with the latest planning, changes in the industry and product knowledge.

Technological approach – The future of all business’s relies on how quick they adapt to the new technological changes. With this knowledge we are always striving to stay ahead in the industry with the latest technology and implementing new ideas.

At ATCT we are able to cater to almost all needs when it comes to communications, whether that is, contact centres (inbound and outbound), live chat (sales or service), and social media. If you would like to get more information on the services we offer, please do visit our Services page. We would love to Get in touch with you and discuss some options to cater to your needs, you can even leave your contact details for us to Get in touch with you at a suitable time.


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