ATCT offers competitive pricing for Australian telephone answering services. With our virtual receptionist like set up, we can handle your incoming calls how you want us to.

We are the Australian based call handling business that takes the initiative to make sure our clients are always satisfied.   Our online call centre are 100% professional, hard working, mainly stay at home mothers with a love for assisting customers.

Our pay per call set up is designed so we can answer your incoming calls in a calm manner and follow the instructions you have provided without both parties worrying about how long the call is taking.

Our home based operators are closely monitored and follow guidelines set out from you. Simply let us know how you would like us to answer the call.

Outsourcing your customer support to the Australian TeleCommunications Team could be the best business decision you’ve ever made. Give us a try with our pay as you go set ups and see how ATCT is right for you.

Get In Touch today and let’s communicate.